13 Ekim 2011 Perşembe

How easily can you follow the data-driven learning principles in a f2f classroom?

Actually it is not so easy to follow these principles in a common school in turkey because it is a kind of opposite of traditional learnin which is teacher based because the classes are too crowded in such schools and you can not reach every of 50 students in an hour class.But when we consider other schools we it is useful to use data driven learning that will be helpful for the second language acquisition.

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  1. Not sure how you can engage 50 students in a class with any methodology, other than techniques like Jazz Chants or audio-lingual drills. I've seen references to teachers in China having classes of 300+. Do you think it is a matter of size of class? Not sure why you would say this, as DDLL does lend itself well to student-centered learning, working in groups, and discovery learning. All are useful tools in large classes where you need to use lots of group work. I wonder what you think about the mindset of Turkish students. Do you think that they have the ability to learn a language through a process of discovery where there are seldom any absolute answers?